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              World Cultures!

Southeast Asia!

 Cool Facts! This region was nicknamed "Southeast Asia" after World War II & became popular. It replaced the phrase "Further India," "the East Indies," and "Indo-China." Included in SE Asia is the Malay Peninsula, the Indochina Peninsula, and the Philippine and Indonesian archipelagos (did you know???? An archipelago is a group of islands). The Indonesian Archipelagos are made up of more than 17,000 islands! It is the largest archipelago in the world!


Unit 2 

Chapter 4 Section 2 (pgs. 85-92)

As you read the following section, find information within the section, that supports the following statements. Record both the statement and the facts within your notebook.

(a) Loyalty to the family was an essential part of the African social fabric.

(b) In a consensus form of government, the good of the community was stressed over that of the individual.

(c) Understanding one's role in a community was an important apect of education in some societies.

(d) Traditional beliefs played a significant role in the daily life of many Africans.

Chapter 4 Section 3 (pgs 93-96)

Write the following statements in your notebook. Identify which statements are true and which statements are false. If the statement is false, rewrite the statement so that it is true.

(a) Racism was the main cause of slavery.

(b) The outlawing of slavery in the British Empire helped end the slave trade.

(c) The African "diaspora" destroyed African culture.

Japan & the Korea's

Unit Assignments

 Due Date
 Korean War Questions 3/2/2011
 Japan & the Korea's Quiz 2/25/2011
 Chapter 17 Review (1-6) 2/24/2011
 Chapter 17 Outline 2/24/2011
 Japan Review Questions 1-5 2/8/2011
 Japan & Korea Info. Packet 2/11/2011
 Buddhsim Warm-Up 2/8/2011
 Enrichment Activity 1/25/2011
 Current Event 2/4/2011


Korean War Questions:          1) How does North Korea's government compare to Karl Marx's doctrine?

2) Why does China not currently support North Korea?              3) Why is Seoul so economically successful?